Queen Elizabeth School

Year 7

QES welcomes all applications to join the school


Our annual Admissions round starts with special Information Evenings every September.

Applications for Year 7 Places – Start date Sept 2022

If we have to hold any appeals this year for the September 2022 intake then the hearings are going to be scheduled before 15 June 2022.

QES is a values led school with high expectations. Our prospectus highlights our Core Values which are central to our community. All students are admitted to QES without reference to ability or aptitude.

Applications for Year 7 Places

Applications for Year 7 places should be made via your Local Authority by 31 October using the online Common Application Form. Further information on the application process is available via the Local Authority School Admissions website.

QES has been oversubscribed in recent years, and where applications for admission exceed the number of places available, criteria will be applied in the following order to decide which children to admit:

  1. looked-after children and previously looked-after children
  2. children of staff where a member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time which the application was made or the member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skills shortage
  3. where the child has a brother or sister attending a school in the Lunesdale Learning Trust at the time of application and this includes step siblings, adopted siblings or any other children living permanently at the same address
  4. where there are medical grounds for admitting the child. In this situation the application need to be accompanied by a doctor’s letter which underlines the reasons why QES and not another school would best serve the needs of the applicant
  5. proximity of the child’s home to the school, with those living nearer being accorded the higher priority (see separate explanatory note). When there is over-subscription in 1, 2,3 and 4 above, the distance criterion at 5 will be In the event of a tie break, random allocation will be used to decide who has highest priority for admission if the distance between two or more children’s homes and the school is the same. This process will be independently verified. 

Distance is measured using the school postcode as the crow flies to the child’s home. For reference, for the last two years successful applicants have lived within 10 miles of school. 

Further information on the oversubscription criteria and the right to appeal can be found in the Admissions Policy.

For more information, please email admissions@qes.org.uk

Year 6 School Tours for September 2022 Admission

We are delighted to be opening our doors for visits during the school day.  Unfortunately we need to put in place Covid 19 mitigations to enable us to do this as safely as possible:

  • Before coming to visit the school we would like our visitors to have a negative result from a LFD test.
  • We politely request that visitors wear masks if possible.

If you would like to arrange a morning tour of the school with a Sixth Form Student or a Senior Colleague, please contact us.

Please note: many of our parents are already aware that they will place QES as their preferred choice.  If this applies to you, in order to reduce  demand for tours during the school day,  we can accommodate a day time tour for you after  the school application deadline if you would like.     

Admissions September 2022