Queen Elizabeth School

Student Voices

At QES, over the years, our students have formed various groups that meet to discuss topics close to their hearts and to make a difference in their school community.

Below are comments written by members of those groups, outlining what they believe in and what they get out of those groups too.

From the Equality and Respect Group:

Here at QES we, as a student body, reject discrimination in all its forms and aim to confront it, whenencountered, with purpose and clarity together with support from the school. We also celebratediversity in our community and strive continually to be fully inclusive of sexuality, gender, ethnicityand disability, and will work hard to promote understanding throughout our school. Furthermore,we are committed to ensuring that these messages positively affect the school curriculum and ourwider school life. If you are interested in joining us in organising activities that promote these aims,we would be delighted to see you at the Group.

From the Sustainability Group:

Our goals are to take direct action to improve the sustainability of the Lunesdale learning trust andto educate the school community on leading a sustainable life both in and out of school. This year’sfocus is to address energy consumption and plastic waste.

From the Charity Team:

The Charity Team is a group of Sixth Formers made up of students from both years with Mr Douglas as the organiser. Our aim is to raise awareness and collect donations for charities that are close to our hearts by organising events that the whole Sixth Form Community and sometimes the whole school can get involved in. We believe that raising awareness is just as important as collecting donations as it not only means that people are helping out but they become more aware of different types of charities big or small that are doing vital work to help people in need of their support. 

From the Amnesty Group:

In Sixth Form, we have an Amnesty International group that meets each Thursday lunchtime to discuss various human rights issues. Amnesty International as an organisation essentially works to protect the rights and freedoms of those who have had them compromised internationally. They do this through petition-signings, letter writing and youth groups such as ours. Examples of these cases we have discussed have been that of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a detained British-Iranian charity worker and journalist imprisoned for supposed plots to ‘topple the Iranian government’. At our Amnesty group, we believe it is important to spread awareness of these issues and have a place to do our bit for people all over the world from school. 

From the Politics Club:

Our Ethos here at politics club is simple, inspire and comprehend. We aim to inspire the next generation of political commentators, journalists and even politicians with the same core values we learn here at school. Understanding the word around us becomes much easier when we do it surrounded by friends, and so our goal is to decipher the ever-changing political landscape an interesting and impartial way.   

From the Debate Club:

Intelligent exchanges of ideas and dramatic expositions of emotion are the essence of QES’s debate society. Every week, the melodrama of public speaking and discourse reincarnates itself; the chosen interlocutors war words and parley propositions about anything from politics to preferred pets. Come along to learn new things, hear peoples’ arguments and make decisions about the world. 

From Christian Union:

At Christian Union, we meet together to discuss the Bible and how to apply it to our lives today. It’s a great place to make friends, listen to each other’s opinions on faith issues and see things from different perspectives. It’s an incredible group of people who show respect, kindness and are there to support you through secondary school. 

From Sport students:

QES has a long history of sporting success, from winning national rugby competitions to getting all sorts of students involved in many sporting activities. We pride ourselves on these victories, but they are not why sport is so valued here. From messing around on the Astro during PE to singing together on the bus after a victory away from home, sport builds the sense of community for which QES is famous.   

From Music students:

QES has a large and enthusiastic music department with a variety of different ensembles, bands and orchestras to suit all interests and ability levels, creating an inclusive atmosphere. There are also many exciting and enriching opportunities for QES students to celebrate their love of music including the Carol service, the Christmas concert, the Mayday concert and much, much more. 

From a Dance student:

Throughout my experience at QES dance was always something I felt passionate towards. Once joining in year 7 the school allowed me to develop my abilities , widen my knowledge and make amazing friends along the way by given the chance to join serval clubs including of dance club where you’re provided with brilliant facilities and teachers who are motivating helpful and certainly grew my confidence over the years.   

From a Drama student:

You can learn lots from drama. Personally, I learn something new about myself and the people I work with whenever I act. If you love creating art or need a confidence boost, Drama may be exactly what you need. Overcoming nerves and performing something you are proud of is one of the most fulfilling experiences I can imagine. If any of this sounds appealing, try drama at QES, it may be just the thing you’re looking for. 

From Nurture Group:

For two hours a week, the Nurture Group is a place where, in a relaxed atmosphere, Year 7 pupils who have been invited can come and spend time doing activities which help with communication skills and improving confidence. For me, Nurture Group made the transition between primary and secondary school a less daunting experience. It was also a great place to make friends with others who shared my anxieties about starting high school. (From Izzy Dixon, a Year 13 student, aiming to study medicine at university next year).