Queen Elizabeth School

Student Leadership


Head Girl Abi Pearson and Head Boy Rory Shannon welcome you to the Sixth Form Community.

The Head Girl and Head Boy are ably supported by the wider student Leadership Team, who meet regularly to support activities and events taking place across the school as well as discussing important issues facing the school community. There are also a host of other leadership opportunities for students including subject representatives and officials for the different clubs and groups that meet in the Sixth Form.

Head Girl

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our school.

Being at QES since Year 7, I have found it to be a unique environment in which I have been able to cultivate and develop my interests with full support from encouraging friends and staff. In particular during my time here I have grown an enthusiasm for human rights and social issues, which I have continued to be involved with in extra-curricular Sixth Form clubs such as Amnesty International and Politics and Social Justice Club and I hope to create a career from after university.

Clubs like these are just a few examples of the fantastic opportunities QES provides its students every day – there are countless ways for students to get involved in both academic and non-academic respects, giving every student the best chance at finding their own way and sense of belonging within the community and ready to face the world outside after leaving school.

I want to emphasise student voice so that each student feels as though they are being heard within the school community and is provided with a school experience that fits them. Whilst events and opportunities to showcase this are currently hindered by COVID-19, I hope that soon students will be able to experience fully the range of extra-curricular activities available as well as feel QES as the nurturing and encouraging place I have found it to be.

Of course, whilst it is strange to think about entering my last year of QES, I am confident that I will leave having received an education from experienced and caring teachers as well as having been supported throughout by everyone around me allowing me to really enjoy my time. I hope this is a feeling that is translated to all students that come through QES.

Head Boy

I’m delighted to welcome you all to our vibrant Queen Elizabeth community. 

I know the past year has been very difficult for most people and I can certainly say I have missed the opportunities school is so good at providing and the sense of togetherness I had grown so fond of in my lower years of school. I am so excited to support the rejuvenation of school during my time as Head Boy as I really want others to experience the wonderful opportunities I have during my time here at QES. 

I aspire to help create a safe and welcoming environment across school for all genders, religions, beliefs and sexualities and hope that every member of our community can access the amazing opportunities provided and leave school inspired and prepared for the wider world.

My fondest memories of school have shown me that getting involved in extra-curricular activities, from Mock Trials to DofE are a great way to learn and grow. The day to day clubs including games club, creative writing or various sporting clubs such as basketball, athletics, rounders or even performing in any of the school music clubs and festivals all allow you to experience what really makes our community so wonderful. Taking part in these activities at some point in my school career, I can testify to the value they provide.

I hope I can convey how passionate I am about creating, organising or becoming part of what school has to offer. This not only allows you to meet a wide variety of new people but I know that working through challenges imparts lessons and values that will stay with you forever. The leadership team is such a great way to give back to school as we get ready to host events for future Year 12s, new Year 7s or give assemblies to school to display and emphasise our aspirations for our school community. I hope that this glimpse into our school and my role as part of the leadership team can demonstrate what it is we do and why I’m so eager to help out.