Queen Elizabeth School

Student Leadership


Head Girl Abi Pearson and Head Boy Rory Shannon welcome you to the Sixth Form Community.

We would love to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school on behalf of the QES Sixth Student Leadership Team. 


I have found that QESixth Form has been a supportive and caring environment which has enabled me to reach my potential and become the Student Principal Leader I am today. 

QESixth is not only a place of learning with experienced teachers and plentiful resources but also a place with a vast range of opportunities that are exciting and rewarding. From being a part of a musical to debating and discussing current affairs and politics, QESixth form has countless opportunities which have grown my confidence and helped my self-development. Personally, I found working with younger student with maths and their mental health as valuable as completing my Gold Duke of Edinburgh last summer.

As a Student Principal Leader, I am proud to have worked the student leadership team to organise fundraisers and continue to improve planned fundraisers, increase awareness and make the school more eco-friendly.


My time at QES has been more an academic education, it has been instrumental in my development as a young person. I have been supported to push myself in my academic studies which has allowed me to achieve far more than I ever thought I could.

Alongside this, my extracurricular interests have flourished, my membership of groups such as Amnesty, Politics and Debate Society have opened my eyes to various social issues. As a Principal Leader, I have loved the opportunity to develop life skills such as public speaking and I have also enjoyed having the chance to make my impact in the school community and wider area, as well as support the causes I am passionate about.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my QES journey and will always value the experiences and memories it has given me.


Hello, I’m Tommy and the subjects that I take are Maths, Spanish and Economics at A-level, and the sports I play are rugby and basketball.

I have grown as a person throughout my years here whether it be on the rugby field or in the classroom.

During my years at QES, I feel like I have always been able to grow, and that has been a large part of my development into the person I am today. This started with the transition from Year 6 to 7 which felt seamless and there was a feeling of welcome from the moment I first walked in. Further into my time at QES I became head prefect, which was a great privilege as I felt I was able to make a difference and be a role model for younger years to look up to.

Being appointed as one of the QESixth Principal Leaders for 2023-4 has given me the chance to face one of my biggest fears, public speaking. This has led to me being more confident and even more prepared for the work world ahead of me developing a lifelong skill. I look forward to welcoming you to our community.