Queen Elizabeth School

Student Leadership


Head Girl Abi Pearson and Head Boy Rory Shannon welcome you to the Sixth Form Community.

We would love to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school on behalf of the QES Sixth Student Leadership Team. 

This year our leadership titles have undergone some changes as part of a move to promote inclusivity at QESixth and make our school environment more welcoming to all; from now on the roles which were previously known as Head Boy and Girl are now called ‘Principal Student Leader.’ 

We are delighted to have the opportunity to be the first Principal Student Leaders and will strive to advocate for inclusivity, diversity, and positivity across the school to the best of our abilities.  


I would like to welcome you to our vibrant school community, of which I am extremely proud. I first started here in Year 7, and I feel my time at QES has been incredibly valuable and rewarding and has provided me with excellent opportunities. Since I started at QES my passion for sport has been enhanced and encouraged and I am proud to be a member of many of the extra-curricular sports teams that are offered here. Furthermore, the school has also helped me develop my interest in the outdoors and given me the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, which I have thoroughly enjoyed since Year 9. I am looking forward to working alongside my peers to implement changes we all see beneficial to the school. I am excited to see what the new school year brings, and I look forward to continuing to make QES a positive and welcoming environment for everyone. 


When I started at QES in Year 7 I would never have dreamt that I would one day receive the role of Principal Student Leader. Over my time at this school, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of both QES and QEStudio and believe this has given me a fully representative view that will allow me to understand the school’s community as a whole. As a Principal Student Leader, I am especially looking forward to making improvements when it comes to students’ mental health, a cause I am passionate about. The Arts are another area that I have been heavily involved in at QES. I am currently taking Art, Drama and Product Design and they have all been crucial to my development and have taught me skills that I can use in the future. I am honored to this role and I hope that anybody who wants to can feel safe and comfortable to come and talk to me, Joe, or Grace if they ever need a friendly companion. 


I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to be one of the Student Principal Leaders this year and cannot wait to work alongside the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team. When I first came to this school in year 7, I was incredibly shy, and struggled to fit in, however my time at this school has helped me develop into a confident young adult, and I hope that I can use my platform as a Principal Student Leader to help other students like me. I wish to bring in some initiatives to help the younger students settle into QES, something I believe will encourage an even more welcoming school environment, particularly for the newer students. I am incredibly excited to be one of your Principal Student Leaders, alongside Emily and Joe, and look forward to using this year to bring more positive change to this school and its community.