Queen Elizabeth School

Curriculum Overview

Our provision for students in Years 12 and 13 is outlined in the Sixth Form Contract which is reviewed annually.


As stated in our Sixth Form contract:

“To develop young people who are independently minded, critical thinkers who will leave us with the ability to use both their intellect, skills and their compassion in making decisions in the wider world.”

A Broad Curriculum

Our Sixth Form students have:

  • Access to a ‘Values Led’ Education in and beyond the classroom
  • An individual timetable 
  • A comprehensive Personal Development programme including:
    advice and support with access to Higher Education, Gap Years, Apprenticeships and the world of work
  • information, advice and guidance for staying safe and healthy and developing a strong sense of self worth and well-being
  • a comprehensive assembly and form tutoring programme
  • the opportunity to participate in and lead extra-curricular activities
  • the opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • the opportunity to extend your curriculum with independent study through the Extended Project Qualification
  • the opportunity to support the community with voluntary work
  • the opportunity to participate in work experience (both as part of a weekly timetable and during work experience week in July)

The Sixth Form Study Diet

Students take a minimum of three subjects.

Some students will also take a fourth subject, an EPQ or an AS in Further Maths.