Queen Elizabeth School

Our Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Experience

Our aim is to help you become independent, critically minded young adults ready to face the challenges of the world beyond School with intelligence and compassion.

We offer a wide range of subjects which allows you to focus on areas you enjoy and those which will help you in your educational journey. From applying to the Sixth Form through to your interview and the induction programme in September, getting you settled on courses to which you are well suited is crucial. We hope that the subject specific information on the applications page will help with this but as with all advice about courses, individual discussions with experienced staff are very important and will continue throughout your time with us.

The nature of Level 3 courses mean that it is very important for students to consolidate their learning as the course progresses. Students will have significant time in school to do this but developing excellent study habits is crucial. Students have access to the Sixth Form Library and other spaces to keep on top of their work during study periods.

In addition students are required to identify specific times and study locations during the week when they will be working on their courses. We recommend an average of two study hours after school too in order to keep on top of homework tasks, revision and additional reading.


Whilst our Sixth Form is very much a part of QES and QEStudio, we are lucky enough to enjoy areas for the sole use of Sixth Form Students.

Our very own Café 6 is open every day serving delicious food exclusively to Sixth Form students. The Meadow Room acts as the focal point for Sixth Form at QES with facilities such as laptop charger points, vending machines and workspaces. Here you can socialise or get on with group study.

The Sixth Form Library offers a dedicated silent study space for student to study independently. The Library collection supports Sixth Form learning related to the courses we offer as well as offering the enrichment gained through wider reading with new fiction and non-fiction, magazines and newspapers. The Library is equipped with computers and has Wi-Fi for students using their own devices. A range of digital resources enable students to access quality research beyond the print collection.

The excellent sporting facilities, specialist theatre spaces, laboratories, photography dark rooms and classrooms all set in a ‘campus style’ environment highlight the diverse range of students’ talents in our Sixth Form.


From a carefully planned Induction Programme in Year 12 through to our Personal Development (PD) provision we make sure that the students in our care are supported every step of the way. The PD programme covers health education, driving awareness, E-Safety, well-being, careers and a range of other important life skills and topics.

Once a week students will attend taught classes, talks and complete activities to support our wider goals of equipping students for the challenges of the 21st century.

We have an experienced team of Sixth Form Tutors, a well established Sixth Form Leadership Team and our own Sixth Form Student Advisor and Counsellor. Everyone needs one-to-one support at some point in the Sixth Form and it’s important that we make this access readily available, up to date and, ultimately helpful in enabling you to have a happy and successful time here.


Students leave us to pursue an eclectic range of careers and academic courses. We have a thorough programme to help you through the process of applying to university, apprenticeships and a range of career options beginning as early as your interview for the Sixth Form when courses, work experience and future plans are discussed.

We have an excellent track record of enabling students to gain offers for the top universities in a diverse range of highly competitive courses, and provide bespoke careers advice and guidance for individuals with different aspirations.

We are equally proud of all our students as we work with them to move on to the next stage in their lives, whether that be Gap Years across the world, academic pursuits, performing arts courses or prestigious Post 18 apprenticeships.

Clubs & Societies

We offer many different subjects and a diverse array of extra curricular activities; whether it be Duke of Edinburgh or Sixth Form Choir, Amnesty International or Charity Team, sporting activities or UCAS express, there is certainly plenty to keep you energised and challenged.

Below is a list of the typical example of activities we run but if you see something missing – join us and start leading the activity!

Student Leadership, Amnesty International, Debate Society, Charity Team, Sixth Form Leadership Team, Sixth Form Magazine, Creative Writing Club, Duke of Edinburgh, Arts Awards, Reading Plus, Numeracy Plus, Year 7 Support, Baking Club, Computing Club, Equality and Diversity Group, Games Club.


Sport is a key part of school life for very many of our Sixth Formers, who enjoy fantastic support from our PE department.

We offer access to all to a wide range of activities such as Rugby, Football (boys and girls), Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Athletics, Cross-country & Running Club, Cricket and Badminton.

The Lunesdale Sports Centre situated by the artificial pitch offers an excellent opportunity to develop sporting prowess in a wonderful new environment. Our school teams have been successful over the years and individuals have gone on to achieve great things with representation at the highest level, most recently in hockey and cycling. Many students have benefitted from competing at the highest level locally or on tour and even more have experienced the joy of sport competing with friends or coaching younger pupils.

Performing Arts

Our school has a national reputation for producing the highest quality music, dance and drama, thanks to the dedication and commitment of our staff and students, with a huge range of opportunities across the performing arts. The opportunities include, high class tuition and support, dedicated studios and rehearsal spaces, a well-established calendar of music festivals and performances for students to showcase their talents, and special events including trips and tours, such as for specialist choirs and orchestras.

We also offer regular drama and dance productions (that are always sold out!), specialist clubs and activities for dance and drama students, and frequent workshops with visiting professionals.

Last but certainly not least, our performing arts team also has a track record of enabling students to gain entry to the most prestigious studios, conservatoires and university courses.


We know that there is a very close relationship between attendance and academic progress in the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form students should aim for attendance above 95%.  If a Sixth Form student’s attendance drops below 95% a tutor and a member of the Sixth Form Leadership Team will discuss concerns with the student and monitor the situation.  If a Sixth Form student’s attendance drops below 90% parents will be invited into school to address concerns.

From the Spring term Sixth Form students can request to study at home if they do not have timetabled lessons on a particular day. This arrangement is dependent on good effort grades and attendance. 


The use of technology is both exciting and challenging for an institution, not least because of the rapid pace of developments. Over the past few years our students have researched the uses of tablets in education, looking at the different ways young people use them to enhance their learning and discussing the ways they might be used in lessons.

A significant part of their work has also been reviewing and re-designing the Sixth Form Acceptable Use Policy – a crucial document in the Sixth Form planner outlining appropriate use of IT. Many students do bring in tablets, laptops or smart phones and there are many applications that are extremely useful. If a student wishes to bring it into school they must abide by our Acceptable Use Policy. We are trying to have a measured, evolutionary approach to IT in the Sixth Form, acknowledging the role technology can play in education and appreciating the more mature and adult way a Sixth Former will use it.