Queen Elizabeth School


Sixth Form Transportation

Students attending Sixth Form will need to apply and in most cases pay for a bus pass. This includes those students that have previously received a free pass. See attachment for a guide of who to contact to apply for a pass.

Sixth form -Sixth Form Transport Application Form 2021.2022


Sixth form-transport-Contacts for Sixth Form Travel pass


Sixth Form Driving

There are number of reasons why we ask students and parents to consider the decision to drive to school very carefully indeed. The most important issue is one of safety; that is the safety of all our young people in and around school and on the way to and from school. We have a Sixth Form Driving policy that reflects these concerns and requires responsible driving at all times. A secondary concern is the pressure on parking space in Kirkby Lonsdale. A third concern is the environmental impact of additional car use.

However, we do understand that in the rural setting some students will find car use more economical and certainly more convenient. For this reason, we do allow Sixth Form students to drive to school, but ask that they discuss this matter with Mr Douglas beforehand.  Sixth Form students that do seek permission to drive to school are encouraged to attend a Safer Driving session in school led by PC Jackson from Cumbria Police.