Queen Elizabeth School


Sixth Form Uniform

As a senior member or our community we ask the Sixth Form to adhere to the dress code to help us maintain high standards for the rest of school. Where indicated * students should buy their uniform from Monkhouse www.monkhouse.com


Black fleece with QES/QEStudio logo*

Students must wear their fleece when they come to school, in assemblies and when they move around school between lessons


QES/QEStudio design*


Black kilt* worn at knee length


Black: badged*


White: badged*

Must be tucked in and buttoned to the neck. Cuffs must be buttoned or neatly rolled up


Plain black in leather or leather-like material

Must be flat, sturdy and supporting, no unnecessary decoration


Plain black tights if wearing a skirt and plain black socks if wearing trousers


T shirt

Plain white

Collar or logos are not permitted


A sensible, inexpensive plain style

Not to be worn inside


Plain black style only

Not to be worn inside

Personal Presentation


Must be of a professional style and of natural colour. Long hair can be worn down except for safety e.g. workshops, labs and PE.

Students should be clean-shaven.


May be worn in moderation. Subtle earrings are permitted (one pair) and one discrete nose-stud. All other jewellery may not be worn.  ‘Stretchers’, nose rings and wristbands are not permitted.


Must be appropriate school bags. 

Uniform: General Reminders

Students’ appearance should be neat and smart. The following items are not permitted: sweatshirts, hoodies, cardigans, denim jackets, trainers, boots, flip flops, kitten heels, open-toed or backless shoes, platform soles. Handbags and branded shopping bags are not appropriate school bags.

Outdoor coats, jackets and scarves should not be worn in the school buildings.