Queen Elizabeth School

Self Evaluation

Principles of our Self Evaluation Process:

The process:

  • keeps children as our focus
  • is honest, robust, challenging, supportive and developmental
  • generates actions that are transparent, shared, attainable
  • is ambitious and aspirational  
  • is underpinned by our Core Values  
  • shows regard for the wellbeing of staff and considers sensitively teachers’ workload

NB – The schedule is always a draft outline as we recognise the need to be flexible enough to adapt to findings, review standards and respond to staff, parent and pupil feedback.

Questions that underpin the process:

What do we do?
How would we rate ourselves?
What’s our evidence for our findings?
What actions are needed to develop these areas of school?

Key areas

  1. Quality of Education, including teaching and learning, outcomes, curriculum
  2. Behaviour and attitudes
  3. Personal development
  4. Leadership and Management
  5. Sixth Form

Joint Development Plan Priorities 2020-21

1:  To rebuild as a stronger community learning from our collective experiences of school closure and wider re-opening.  More specifically, to focus on:  ​

  • Staff and Pupil wellbeing   ​
  • Partnership with parents   ​
  • Develop current systems to support efficient working (eg, Bromcom, Teams)    ​
  • Effective and transparent communications   ​
  • Establishing a shared vision for building back better   ​

2:  Teaching and Learning:
We want to develop as a Professional Learning Community, building on our experiences during remote learning and embedding the tools and skills developed during school closure into our pedagogy. More specifically, to focus on:    ​

-(Re) Engagement and Transition Learning, ensuring pupils are engaged in lessons, enjoying their learning and progressing, using both classroom based and remote learning tools to engage learners  ​

  Blended Learning and Recovery planning, ensuring collaborative, transparent SoW, shared resources and clear sequencing to enable all  Pupils to progress    ​

-CPD : to share best practice and successes as a community of staff, planning and delivering energetic, vibrant and appropriate INSET and using the termly T & L newsletter to keep the pace, and planning ahead to ensure CPD meets the needs of teaching staff in the future  ​

-Feedback and marking : to review our practice and share research and strategies to ensure feedback is effective, quality and timely and reduces staff workload and develop feedback strategies experimented with during lockdown, ensuring progress and being  ‘more work for the recipient than the donor’ (Dylan Wiliam)  ​

3:  Professional Development – Performance Management.  To recognise the merits of collaboration and a shared focus for all in our community.  ​

  • to ensure all staff  have effective PM in line with shared Values and LLT priorities for 2020-21  ​
  • to re-launch the teacher  PM process to enable us to collaborate, support and energise the professional learning community and build on developments since School Closure.    

4:  To review the Spiritual, Moral and Cultural provision.   More specifically to review and develop:  ​

  • online ways of celebrating our Values and community   ​
  • assembly, form time, PD   ​
  • extra-curricular provision and take up  ​
  • our response to the BLM movement and our responses to the national and global context  ​
  • Accessibility, diversity, equity and equality  

5:  Standards: to establish effective teams, systems and structures to enable the highest possible standards in all areas across the Trust.  ​

More specifically:  ​

  • C-19 Risk assessments, health and safety, HR, safeguarding and pastoral care   ​
  • Leadership developments in all areas    ​
  • Site, classrooms and shared spaces  ​
  • Behaviour underpinned by our shared Values  ​

Examples of Evidence Sources:

  • Performance Management paperwork
  • Staff files/records of conversations
  • Staff, parent and Pupil surveys
  • Materials for Academic Reviews, Subject reviews, data for attendance at these
  • Consultation/working party minutes
  • Development plans and reviews of departments, years, post 16, pastoral,
  • Pupil Premium review/statements
  • Leadership Team agendas and materials, MAT Exec Minutes, Admin exec and Site exec minutes
  • Staffing data – recruitment, retention, career development
  • Policies
  • Minutes of:   Local Governing Body meeting, Trustboard meetings, records of immersion days/mornings Evaluations, training records, Hods, Hoys, Departments, year groups
  • CPOMS and pupil files
  • Teaching and learning group minutes
  • Exercise books/work scrutiny
  • Findings from learning walks
  • Performance management observations
  • Curriculum design – statements, schemes of work, resources
  • GCSE/A Level numbers
  • CPD/professional learning calendar and development plan
  • Post 16 applications
  • Department plans and reviews
  • Careers programme/overview
  • PD Programme and observations
  • Attendance, behaviour, bullying, exclusion data
  • Safeguarding record of level 1,2 and 3 training,
  • Single Central Record
  • Assembly rota
  • Leadership project groups minutes: Staff wellbeing,
  • British Values, SMSC, materials and audit
  • List of events/visitors
  • Trips summary
  • Website/twitter feeds
  • Accident reports
  • Site Security and fire action plans
  • Leavers’ Surveys
  • Destinations – post 16, post 18
  • Exam data
  • Internal tracking/effort grade data
  • Intervention processes
  • Assessment calendar
  • Trio minutes
  • Action plans
  • Sixth Form Programme
  • Sixth form contract
  • Student voice – Student Leadership Team
  • Curriculum
  • Post 18 destinations
  • Student surveys
  • Outcomes
  • Post 16 development plan and review
  • Minutes of Year team meetings
  • UCAS and PD overview
  • Assembly rota
  • Minutes of weekly data scrutiny meetings
  • Sixth Form Counsellor data
  • Engagement with community/employers/university
  • Record of work experience
  • Website and publications

Acknowledge & Close

Year 13 Subject Review

Year 13 Subject Review is on Wednesday 20 October 4.30pm – 6.30pm.
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