Queen Elizabeth School

Daily Messages

Friday May 17th 2024

KS3 Lunch Rota Friday

Year 7Year 8Year 9

Club Rota Friday

DayName of ClubYear GroupTimeStaffLocation
FridayCreative Writing ClubYears  7 - 131.30 – 2.00Miss. CaffertyMain Library
FridayDebate SocietyYears 9 -131.30 - 2.00Mr. RushtonBusiness 1
FridayEquality & Respect group (Pride) Week 2Years 7 -131.30 - 2.00Mr. DominguesS4
FridayChessYears 7 - 131.30 - 2.00Mr. GrahamSixth Form Library
FridayAfrican DrumsYears 7 - 131.30 – 2.00Mr. LeatherMR5
FridaySalsa bandYears 7 - 131.30 – 2.00Mr. BanfieldRecital Room
Friday5 - a - side FootballYear 111.30 – 2.00Mr. DaviesOld Sports Hall
Friday FootballYears 12 & 131.30 – 2.00Mr. DaglishAstro
Thursday May 16th 2024

KS3 Lunch Rota Thursday

Year 7Year 8Year 9

Clubs Rota Thursday

DayName of ClubYear GroupTimeStaffLocation
ThursdayChristian UnionYears  7 -131.30 – 2.00Mr. Huddleston (NISCU)Conference Room
ThursdayGames ClubYears 7 - 131.30 – 2.00Mrs. Bennett/ Mr Johnstonmain Library
ThursdayPolitics ClubYear 10- 131.30 -2.00Mr. RushtonS5
ThursdaySaxaphone Quartet1.30 – 2.00Mr. Hooper
ThursdayBadmintonYears 7 - 131.30 – 2.00Mrs. GlavesLunesdale Sports Centre
ThursdayNetballYear 91.30 – 2.00Miss. TownsendLSC
Thursday5- A SideYear 101.30 - 2.00Mr Williams / Mr. DaviesOld Sports hall
ThursdayGames ClubYears 7 - 133.15 – 4.25Mrs. BennettMain Library
ThursdayBand ClubYears 7 -133.15 -4.25Music Rooms
ThursdayBasketballYears 11-133.15 – 4..30Mr. CoeOld Sports hall
ThursdayHockeyYear 73.15 – 4.30Miss.TownsendAstro
ThursdayRugby UnionYear 93.15 – 4.25Mr. WilliamsField
Wednesday May 15th 2024

Room Changes for Thursday 16 May

PeriodOriginal RoomClassSubjectTeacherNew Room
AMRoom S512Q Ms. Stewart Room S2
1S2608A/Th1ThMs. Simpkin23
09:00-09:5910S/En3En LIB
09:00-09:5913D/Ps1Ps Room RE2
2Room S512B/Ps1PsMs. Stewart Room L4
10:00-10:5910Q/En3En LIB
3S2610C/Pa1PaMs. Shepherd HT
11:20-12:1910D/Bs1Bs IT10
4S2610C/Pa1PaMs. Shepherd HT
12:20-13:1909B/En2En 2
12:20-13:1912B/Ps1Ps Room CONF
12:20-13:1909B/En1En LIB
12:20-13:1913B/Ar1Ar S/A
5S909B/Fr3FrMs. Hardman 17
14:10-15:0913B/Hs1Hs ST3 IT
14:10-15:0913D/Py1Py ST3 IT
14:10-15:0913D/Ps1Ps Room 21
14:10-15:0909C/En2En LIB
Wednesday Mar 20th 2024

Call it Out!

At QES and QEStudio we believe firmly that every member of our community has the right to feel safe, happy and respected and that everyone has a responsibility to ensure this.

We should all live out our Values of Being Decent to Others and Looking Out for Others every day. Abusive, hurtful behaviours are not tolerated in our Schools. 

You can speak to any member of staff if you have concerns about behaviour, including harassment, bullying or hate speech.

We will always listen carefully and act in pupils' best interests.  You can also email concerns to your Year Team (hoy7@qes.org.uk / hoy8@qes.org.uk / hoy9@qes.org.uk / hoy10@qes.org.uk / hoy11@qes.org.uk)  or to report@qes.org.uk. If you would prefer, you can report anonymously using this form https://forms.office.com/e/nsY61h2pU7 .