Queen Elizabeth School

Daily Messages

Monday Dec 6th 2021

Clubs rota

DayName of ClubYear GroupTimeStaffLocation
MondayDance ClubYear 71.30 – 2.00Mr. MarriottHarlequin Theatre
MondayTextiles ClubYears 7 & 81.30 – 2.00Mrs. KershawTextiles 1
MondayCarnival bandYears 7 - 131.30 – 2.00Mr. BanfieldRecital Room
MondayCarnival band percussionYears 7 -131.30 – 2.00Mr. BanfieldMR1
MondayGirls FutsalYears 7, 8, & 91.30 – 2.00Miss. NicholLunesdale sports  Centre
MondayRugby leagueYears 10, 11, 12 & 131.30 -2.00Mr. Williams/ Mr. Wilson/ Mr. S Rushton  Astro
MondayReading ClubYears 7 -133.15 – 4.25Mrs. WalkerMain Library
MondayYouth Theatre ClubYears 7 -113.15 – 4.25Miss. ShepherdHarlequin theatre
MondayBasketballYears 9, 10 & 113.15 – 4.25Mr. CoeOld Sports hall
MondayFootballYears 11, 12 & 133.15 – 4.25Mr. DaglishAstro
MondayNetballYears 10, 11, 12 & 133.15 – 4.25Miss. Teasdale / Mrs. BradshawLunesdale Sports Centre
MondayRugby UnionYear 83.15 – 4.25Mr. HigsonOld Sports Hall

KS3 Lunch Rota Monday 6th December

Year 7Year 8Year 9
Monday Nov 29th 2021

Message for all years

A North Face black boys' jacket was stolen on Friday from a bag, which was left in the 3 storey corridor at lunchtime.

If you have any information, please go and see Mr. Foster, Miss Sullivan, Mrs. Burkitt or Mrs. Chapman.

Stealing is a crime and is completely against our school values. It will always be taken seriously.

Don't let stealing happen in our schools; let staff know if you see or hear anything.

Thank you

Thursday Nov 25th 2021


From Tuesday next week you will be starting a unit of work on Sexual Wellbeing.

Your form tutor will give you an outline of the topics and lessons you will cover.

Please speak to them or to your Head of Year if you have any questions or worries.


For the attention of all year groups.

A reminder that no one will be served in Booth's after 8.30 in the morning. If you want to buy food or drink before school, please make sure you do this before 8.30.

We have had concerning reports of rude and anti-social behavior after school in or around Booth's. It is vital that everyone is polite, decent and courteous at all times.

Thank You.

Monday Nov 22nd 2021

Games Club Christmas Party

Please collect a letter from Mrs. Bennett if you would like to come to the Games Club Christmas Party.

It will be after school on Thursday 16th December.

Please return the slip and £3 to pupil reception by Friday 3rd December.

Thank you

Monday Nov 15th 2021


This is a polite reminder to all students, to ask if they could please try and remember to bring in their own masks from home.

Thank you

Monday Nov 8th 2021


This is a polite reminder to all students to please help keep our schools a clean and safe space by putting litter into the bins provided. Let’s remember our value of respecting the environment. Thank you.