Queen Elizabeth School

Daily Messages

Wednesday May 3rd 2023

Reminder about Water Bottles.

Please can students try and remember to bring a water bottle into school.

Cups are also available from the dinner hall at break and lunch time.

Thank you

Wednesday Oct 19th 2022

School Uniform Years 7 -11

Please remember to wear your uniform correctly: skirt unrolled, coats off when inside and not in place of your fleece, minimal jewellery, black socks. Branded trainers are not part of school uniform. From the Monday after half term, pupils wearing trainers instead of shoes will be loaned shoes from school. Pupils wearing white socks will be given a clean pair of black socks.

Thursday Apr 21st 2022

Buses: Key Safety Messages

Everyone must sit forwards in a seat and wear a seat belt (if fitted) when travelling on school transport. No one should prevent another pupil from sitting in a seat if it is unoccupied. This is for everyone's safety and welfare.