Queen Elizabeth School

Teaching and Learning

The aims of our teaching and learning policy are:

  • to enable every pupil to develop the attributes of the successful QES learner
  • to develop the QES core values within every member of our community
  • to ensure that each child is able to achieve the ECM outcomes
  • to achieve outstanding teaching and learning

We believe that outstanding learning happens when:

  • the learning environment is appropriate
  • the teaching is genuinely responsive
  • assessment is used to guide pupils’ progress so that pupils know where they are heading and how to get there
  • pupils are aware of high expectations and confident of working towards them
  • pupils develop increasing independence and consolidate and prepare for learning
  • pupils are given opportunities to develop creativity

Outstanding teaching involves:

  • the creation and maintenance of excellent relationships with pupils
  • high levels of subject expertise
  • sophisticated knowledge and understanding of child development
  • the ability and determination to be genuinely responsive
  • a broad repertoire of teaching roles including subject specialist, form tutor and mentor, teaching beyond the one hour lesson ( e.g. immersion days, field trips etc)
  • a commitment to career long development of skills
  • a demonstration of core values and successful learner attributes in and out of the classroom