Queen Elizabeth School

Key Practical Information


  • You should NEVER carry any kind of medication in school
  • If you need medication, your parents should fill out a Medication Consent Form
  • Then all medication should be handed in to Visitor Reception for QES, or QEStudio Reception, as soon as you get into school
  • Never offer medication to anyone else
  • Never accept medication from anyone else

* Epipens & inhalers etc covered by a Health Care Plan are exempt from these controls.

Lost Property

  • Any items found in school are put in the Lost Property room, now opposite pupil reception
  • We will send photos of all lost property items, please let your form tutor know if an item is yours.
  • All items must be named, or it is impossible to return them to you
  • Valuable items & expensive coats should not be brought to school
  • Any items unclaimed at the end of each half term will be recycled and / or donated to charity
  • If there is a bigger issue with lost property, then pupils should see their Form Tutor or Head of Year

Carrying Money

  • With cashless catering, pupils should not need to bring large amounts of money into school
  • Bring only what’s needed for that day
  • Avoid bringing high denomination notes – never more than £5
  • Do not leave money in your bag!