Queen Elizabeth School

Pastoral Care

At QES we strongly believe that Scholarship and Care go hand in hand as equal partners.

We recognise the fundamental importance of pastoral care and it is our firm belief that pupils need to feel supported in all aspects of their development in order for them to thrive.

We have a friendly, purposeful and mutually respectful atmosphere underpinned by high expectations. Our pupils would expect nothing less. Our Core Values are at the at the heart of all we do; they shape our day to day experiences both in school and in our local communities.

All members of the school community have a pastoral role, shaping and caring for our pupils. Pastoral Care is led by experienced Assistant Headteachers, working alongside the Heads of Year, Deputy Heads of Year, form tutors, pastoral support officers, attendance officers, school
counsellors, pastoral and pupil reception administrators.

We also work in partnership with other agencies and voluntary organisations to access specialist support for individuals. As a cohesive team we feel able to meet the diverse needs of all our pupils, at all stages of their time at QES.

Liaison between school and parents is a real strength of our pastoral care. We believe that this communication is crucial to ensuring that we truly can fulfil our motto of Scholarship and Care.