Queen Elizabeth School

Uniform Standards

We have a strict dress code to remove peer pressure, boost confidence and encourage a focus on our School Values. Pupils are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times (other than specified non-uniform days) - whilst on the school premises, on the journeys to and from school, and on school trips and fixtures.


  • One hair style
  • One natural colour
  • Can be worn down except for safety e.g. workshops, labs, kitchens, PE


  • Dark green fleece with
    QES crest

Shirt & Tie

  • White with a collar
  • Long or short-sleeved
  • Not fitted
  • Tie is QES design


  • Plain Black 
  • Must be correct size/length


  • Pupils in Years 7 to 11 wear a
    green plaid pleated skirt
  • Must be knee length
  • Not rolled at waist


  • Plain
  • Black
  • Opaque


  • Black
  • Ankle Length
  • Not ‘trainer’ socks


  • Plain black, flat
  • Sturdy and supporting
  • No unnecessary decoration
  • Not black trainers
  • Not boots

Jewellery / Make Up

  • Earrings: one plain stud in
    each lobe.
  • No other piercings, including nose studs/rings
  • Wristwatch: Plain style
  • No other jewellery
  • No acrylic nails or other nail extensions. 

  • No nail polish, including gel nails or similar


  • Plain rucksack
  • No bags with fashion logos
  • No handbags, beach bags
    or shopping bags


Let’s be clear about the consequences for not complying with school rules.


Chewing gum spoils our environment – but is also a major transmission risk for Covid


  • One style
  • One natural colour only
  • Tie-up long hair for safety
    e.g. Labs, workshops,kitchens & PE

School Fleece

  • Only school fleeces
  • No hoodie instead of fleece
  • No coat instead of fleece
  • Applies all year

Shirt & Tie

  • Plain white shirt with collar
  • Long or short sleeved
  • Not tight fitting
  • Worn tucked in
  • No ‘mini’ ties

School Trousers

  • School style trouserstrousers
  • Full length & regular fit, not tight
  • No jeans or leggings
  • Plain black belt (optional)
  • Black ankle socks, no trainer socks

Skirts Unrolled

  • Knee length length
  • No shorter than 3 inches above knee knee
  • Worn as designed, NOT rolled up 
  • Black ankle socks, or black opaque tights
  • No trainer or knee knee-length socks

School Shoes

  • Black shoes
  • No logos
  • Fit for Cumbrian weather
  • Boots not allowed


  • Plain, inexpensive, waterproof
  • No denim/leather jackets
  • No hoodies/sweatshirts

'Official' PE Kit

  • School tops, shorts & tracksuits
  • Or plain black shorts/leggings
  • No ‘Nike Pro’ style shorts
  • No cycling or tight shorts
  • No mesh/lace on leggings


  • Rucksacks only
  • No shopping bags
  • No handbags

Keep in bag

  • Turn off phones & earphones
  • Keep in bag
  • Not in pocket

Subtle Make-Up

  • Natural look
  • No eyeliner
  • No false eyelashes

Nail Extensions

  • No nail extensions e.g. acrylic
  • No semi-permanent gels
  • Or polish

No Chewing

  • No chewing anywhere anywhere
  • Not on site or buses

Minimal Jewellry

  • Single ‘stud’ in each ear lobe
  • No other piercings e.g. Nose studs or rings
  • A simple watch
  • No other jewellery

QEStudio Pathways

  • ‘Normal’ uniform everyday 
  • Exception is Countryside Skills –  wear boots , hoodie, trousers on Pathway days 
  • On Performing Arts & Sports, bring PE kit & change on Pathway days days

Our Common Standards Consequences

  • We ‘log’ uniform issues
  • We monitor patterns
  • Goal is community support
  • Issues logged
  • Email sent home
  • Lunch Detention
  • 30 minutes
  • Issues logged
  • Phone call home
  • After school Detention
  • 60 minutes

If pupil arrives in very poor uniform…

  • We’ll call parents & ask to bring correct uniform
  • Or lend clean uniform