Queen Elizabeth School

Sixth Form Welcome

The Lunesdale Learning Trust Post 16 Offer

Co-located with shared facilities, classes and access to the full range of extra-curricular and personal development education, pastoral care and support, QES and QEStudio offer a comprehensive fully collaborative Sixth Form provision.

Our Sixth Form allows us to offer a full range of courses and combinations leading to a diverse range of destinations.

Central to our philosophy are our aims:

“To develop young people who are independently minded, critical thinkers who will leave Sixth Form with the ability to use their skills, intellect and compassion in making decisions in the wider world.”

And our Beliefs:

“We share a celebration of diversity In all its forms, a parity of esteem for the technical, vocational, creative, practical and academic, a commitment to our locality, and, above all, a shared sense of the moral purpose of education.

A Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form is a vibrant and successful community. We are rooted in the QES values which date from the 16th century, but at the same time we are a forward-looking institution with our gaze firmly on the future for our young people. Our mission is simply this: to prepare our young adults to stand up and step out on whatever path they choose. That next step may be into the fields and fells around Kirkby Lonsdale and beyond; to universities across the country and indeed the globe; or to apprenticeships, employment, or a myriad of other opportunities. Whatever your path might be, our team here in the Sixth Form has the experience, ambition and care you need to set you out along that road.

We offer an incredibly broad curriculum, with courses in both QES and QEStudio providing a diverse range of qualifications for you to choose from. Most students choose three courses, with many also undertaking the Extended Project Qualification alongside these. Whether your courses are largely technical and vocational, academic or a combination of these, you are a vital part of our community. It is our diverse mixture of talents and abilities which makes our community as strong as it is.

The step from Level 2 to Level 3 qualifications is one of the most significant academic transitions, and we have a carefully planned programme in place to support you, both with your studies and with the wider challenges and opportunities which come with becoming a young adult. We run a comprehensive induction programme for all Year 12 students, and a thorough Personal Development programme which is delivered by experienced form tutors. The timeless QES motto of ‘Scholarship and Care’ is more relevant than ever in the Sixth Form and strong relationships are at the heart of this provision.

As Sixth Formers, you are role models for the whole school community and this leadership experience is central to what we do. On any given day of the week, you can see a Sixth Former setting a fantastic example to lower school students; whether running clubs, mentoring or coaching. Our team of Senior Student Leaders, elected every year in the summer of Year 12, co-ordinate a huge amount of work ‘behind the scenes’ and demonstrate the leadership qualities that universities and employers value so highly. There are countless opportunities to get involved in all aspects of Sixth Form life. We value the voice of our students especially and while we are proud of our achievements, we are never complacent and regularly seek feedback from our student body to help us develop the Sixth Form even further. We are committed to ensuring you have the resources to help you succeed, whether that’s in our wonderful Sixth Form library, our online access to academic journals or the delicious food available in Café 6!

Whether you are at QES, QEStudio or a different school, we do hope you will consider joining our wonderful community. It is our young people who make us who we are: who knows what you will bring?

I look forward to welcoming you,

Ms Turner

Assistant Headteacher and Director of QESixth