Queen Elizabeth School

Year Teams

The key person in our pastoral team is your form tutor, all our form tutors are highly skilled in supporting you and they would be your first port of call.

Year 7

Year 7

The Transition from Year 6 to 7 is one of the most crucial times in a young person’s life and we recognise the vital role that a smooth Induction to secondary school plays in making this a success. We have a fixed team of Form Tutors whose job it is to get students settled quickly into the routines and expectations that there are at ‘big school’ and to give them a firm grounding in the QES Values. This is overseen by a Head and Deputy Head of Year who specialise in liaising with our feeder schools (usually between 50-60 of them!) and maintaining regular contact with parents, as well as solving the day to day problems a typical Year 7 will experience.

Message from Head of Year 7
It’s a huge privilege to be able to support our students on the first step of their QES journey. We welcome children from a wide area, across three counties, and many come from small village primary schools where there may have only been three or four other peers in their year group. To go from this to 250 students is inevitably a daunting experience and one we do our best to make as happy and exciting as possible.

The year group is organised into eight forms (Q, E, S, K, L, W, M and C) of roughly 32. Each form has their own Form Tutor who is responsible for their tutees on a day-to-day basis. They register their form in the morning before lessons and provide activities to get them ready for school as well as to gel as a social group. They are normally the first port of call for students who are struggling or who have a minor issue that needs addressing. If things cannot be resolved quickly, then I or Miss Townsend (Deputy Head of Year 7) will provide support.

The forms are mixed ability and because we know that the presence of a familiar face can often make the Transition from Year 6 to 7 easier, we do our best to consider friendship group requests when creating them.

We firmly believe that Induction at QES is not simply something that starts and finishes in the first week of September. We spend the year trying to instil an appreciation of our School Values as well as an understanding of whole-school expectations. We also understand that alongside Induction for our students, it is important to keep you informed about what is happening at school, particularly if you have never had a child learn here before. You can expect regular communications via email, Twitter and Instagram throughout the year which will remind you about important events and give you information about whole school routines such as Effort Grades.

Mr Reid

Head of Year 7

Miss Townsend

Deputy Head of Year 7

Year 8 & 9

Year 8 & 9

In Year 8 you change Year teams, you stay with your form but get a new form tutor and new Head of Year/Deputy
Head of Year. These key people will stay with you throughout the rest of your time in Key Stage 3.

Message from Head of Year 8

Year 8 will be an exciting year for you. You will continue to be in your existing form, but you will be in new groups for all of your other subjects. At the end of Year 7 we create 3 equal populations and you will be placed in either population A, B or C. There are 3 teaching groups in each population and most of your lessons will be with people in that population. In the practical subjects like PE there will be extra groups. In addition to your new teaching groups, you will have the chance to get involved in extra-curricular activitiesYear 8, is therefore a great time to try new things and take advantage of the opportunities to meet lots of new people.   

We will continue to work with you in developing good study habits both in school and at home; encouraging you to become more independent and to take more responsibility for your own learning. As you are now very familiar with QES, this is the year you can start to become role models for our younger pupils; looking out for our new Year 7s around school and on the buses. Remember your Form Tutor is always there to help if you have any worries or concerns and you can speak to your Head and Deputy Head of Year too. 

Miss Everett

Head of Year 8

Mr Banfield

Deputy Head of Year 8

Mrs Jeffery

Pastoral Support Year 8

Message from Head of Year 9

Year 9 is an exciting year; where you will start to think about the future and make choices. Much will be familiar to you as your Year Team, Form Tutors and populations will generally stay the same. This is an important year where we start to make preparations for KS4 and exam subjects. Some of you may think you already know which subjects you want to do next year; for others you may have no idea of future plans. Either way making informed choices using all the information and resources available to you will be essential.  You will need to weigh up all of the evidence before making your final decisions.  

You will spend a lot of time with Form Tutors, in assemblies and during PD lessons thinking about your plans for KS4. The Year Team and your subject teachers will have plenty of advice to give you. It will be vital to stick to the options deadlines for handing in forms. You will still need to work hard in all of your subjects to ensure that you achieve the highest grade possible for your end of KS3 grade in each subject. To make sure you are ready for KS4 it will be important to become an independent and confident learner with effective organisational skills and resilience; not giving up when things are more challenging. We also expect you to work alongside us to ensure our community is a safe, secure and happy environment for everyone. 

Remember your Form Tutor and the Year Team are here to help and support you throughout the year. 

Mr Foster

Head of Year 9

Miss Sullivan

Deputy Head of Year 9

Mrs Burkitt

Pastoral Support Year 9

Year 10 & 11

Year 10

As you enter Key Stage 4 your year group changes again. Some of your classmates will have moved to QEStudio School, so forms are redistributed and led by new Heads of Year and form tutors. These key people will stay with you throughout the rest of your time in Key Stage 4. 

Miss Edwards

Head of Year 10

Message from Head of Year 10 & 11

You will begin Key Stage 4 at QES with a clean slate.  You will be given a new level of respect and we will have expectations of you as senior members of the school.  We continually nurture our students as individuals and will encourage you to be an active member in the school and wider community through various things such as the Buddy Programmes and the Prefect System.   

Over the two years you are given the opportunity to develop the passion for the subjects you know and explore new ones whilst working with new teachers.  You will be placed in smaller forms with a new Form Tutor where you will have the chance to spend time with old and new friends.   

We know that this could be an anxious time, however, you will be supported every step of the way on your GCSE journey.  Your Form Tutor will be your first point of communication should you have any problems or worries, and you can speak with your Head of Year at any point.   

Over the course of the two years there will be mock examinations, academic reviews, regular reporting, and constant communication from your Head of Year.   

We look forward to working with you and supporting you in every way during your GCSE journey. 

Year 11

Miss Shepherd

Head of Year 11